About Us

About Macrosoft and ACDS

Macrosoft’s Advanced Composition Development Solutions (ACDS) provides unparalleled support for all phases of integrated print solutions for printing companies and for businesses with high-volume and on-demand print production processes. Our experienced team provides expertise on HP Exstream and DOC1 application implementations on Windows, UNIX and Mainframe; deep understanding of printing operations, and experience with implementations across industries and applications. Combined with our flexible service delivery and engagement models, this expertise offers clients the most efficient, cost-effective, and complete integrated print solutions available.

With Macrosoft ACDS, clients can meet the staffing challenges of critical development projects, achieve lower total cost of ownership for hardware and software, and reap the benefits of 21st century print solutions.

Macrosoft delivers high-quality, cost-effective, full lifecycle solutions to complex software development projects. The company has over a decade of successful engagements and over 450 professionals working for an exceptional client list.

Macrosoft’s highly qualified and professional development teams can address the entire development lifecycle, from business process engineering and system architecture design through final system hosting and maintenance. Macrosoft maintains a leading edge in software technology allowing the company to design new systems efficiently and rapidly and then successfully integrate those new systems in complex business and IT environments. Macrosoft can be found at www.macrosoftinc.com.

Management Team

The senior leadership team at Macrosoft Inc. has a combined 35 years of service with Macrosoft, and approximately 100 years of experience in Information Technology. Given our need to act quickly to meet the changing business landscape, this leadership team needs to be small enough to be nimble in assessing opportunities to assist our customers. At the same time, leadership has to be extendable so that it ultimately impacts the behavior of every person in the firm. As a result, we have a two-tier leadership structure that allows for quick and intelligent executive decision-making at the most senior level while relying upon a core group of senior managers to ensure that we execute in a manner that meets the demands of our customers.


Ronald Muller
Dr. Ronald Mueller
Founder & CEO, Macrosoft Inc.

Ron is CEO and Founder of Macrosoft, Inc. He heads up all company strategic activities and directs day-to-day work of the Leadership Team at Macrosoft. As Macrosoft’s Chief Scientist, Ron defines and structures Macrosoft’s path forward. Ron’s focus on new technologies and products, such as Cloud, Big Data, and AI/ML/WFP. Ron has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from New York University and worked in physics for over a decade at Yale University, The Fusion Energy Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, and at Argonne National Laboratory.

Ron also worked at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey., where he managed a group on Big Data. Ron’s work focused around the early work on neural networks. Ron has a career-long passion in ultra-large-scale data processing and analysis including predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning and deep learning.

Ed sable

Dr. Edward G. Sable


Dr. Ed Sable is President of Macrosoft, Inc. Prior to joining Macrosoft, Ed owned and led a business development consulting firm where he generated significant amounts of revenue for small technology companies. Prior to that, Ed managed divisions at AT&T that led the planning, design, development, and delivery of the full set of “quote to cash” systems for International voice, data, and wholesale services for the AT&T Global Network.

Ed is highly knowledgeable in the design and development of software applications and products and has worked successfully with major companies including Duke Energy, Marriott, JC Penney, Norwest, Medtronic, United Airlines, and others. As part of his role as president, Ed is leading strategic development of new business processes and products, designed to provide leading edge cost-effective systems and solutions for Macrosoft’s clients. Ed received his BSEE, MSEE, and Doctorate in EE and Computer Science from Columbia University.

GN Shah

G.N. Shah
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Shah has more than a decade of performance-based progression to IT executive management in large scale and enterprise business environments. Shah offered well-honed, proven abilities as visionary, and driver of strategic business systems development that consistently have delivered outstanding results, He has strong leadership qualifications coupled with “hands on” enterprise-wide architecture, development and technical project management expertise. Proven track- record of delivering multiple distributed, enterprise wide, and mission critical systems. Results oriented team-based management style and excellent interpersonal/communication skills. Shah has been working with Macrosoft since Jun 2005.

Specialties: Sr. IT executive with over 11 years of enterprise application development experience in Microsoft technologies. Industries includes Financial, Printing, Telecommunications, Insurance, Educational games and, Industrial simulation. Certified Project Manager, MCDB, MCP and Scrum Master with experience of (XP, SCRUM, RUP) and MSF methodologies.”

John Kullmann

John Kullmann
Vice President Technology Solutions


John has over 20 years of experience serving as the executive business contact responsible for client satisfaction for wide variety of companies. He is the executive interface to all Utility company clients. He consistently provides excellent customer service to accounts, as well as representing client needs and goals within the organization to ensure quality. He has led teams to deliver strong and sustainable results, overcoming the many competitive challenges of multiple industries and technologies. Providing solid leadership and direction, he has developed teams and built departments which have proven to be key asset for the organization. Prior to his current role, John was recruited to Six Sigma Qualtec to revitalize and restructure weak international sales and marketing efforts. His role was to generate new business opportunities by identifying qualified prospects and establishing and managing new business relationships. He continues to utilize all Six Sigma and Lean tools while ensuring delivery of high client satisfaction.