Providing Proof of Concept for a Printing Company with its Banking Client

A regional bank that prides itself on knowing its customers wanted its printing vendor to develop a bank statement that would be personalized as well as sophisticated and credible. To do so, the printing company needed to take three external files – a statement, a cross-reference file, and a check image file – and integrate them into one single document. In addition, the printing company wanted to use the project as a proof of concept that could then be extended to other clients.

Having recently purchased HP Exstream Dialogue but with no in-house experts to program it, the printing company turned to Macrosoft ACDS. Our team developed and customized the Dialogue application for the integrated statement and developed the VB scripts to run the application. Statements include extraction of scanned check images from their reference file for printing in various “up” formats (2-up, 3-up, 4-up, and multiple rows. We deliver MDBs and VB scripts to the printing company for deployment in their server environment.

The benefits for the bank and the printing company have been substantial. The bank can now provide customers with a comprehensive and integrated bank statement, a service that can be an important component of customer retention. Our printing company client can:

  • Produce statements efficiently
  • Save time in printing and packaging of statements
  • Save money through joint licensing of software with Macrosoft
  • Seek additional work on the basis of having proved the concept in this project