Helping a Printing Company Retain a Valuable Client

A regional printing company risked losing a diversified brokerage and financial services client that was unhappy with inaccuracies cropping up in the enormously complex statements it sent to its clients. Further, the printing company lacked sufficient staff to ensure against such errors by rewriting the client’s application, which entailed more than 100 rules and formulas.

The printing company put Macrosoft in direct contact with its client, enabling us to quickly analyze the problem and create a solution. Our ACDS team developed HP Exstream Dialogue application and support for the brokerage firm’s complex financial statements. We now deliver MDBs (Microsoft Access Database) and VB scripts to the printing company for deployment in their server environment

The brokerage firm is now assured of 100% accuracy in its statements, and the printing company has been able to:

  • Retain a valuable client in the brokerage firm
  • Avoid the expense of staffing up to develop the application
  • Save money through joint software licensing with Macrosoft