Health Care

Document Composition and Processing in Health Insurance and Managed Care

A leading health insurance and managed care company primarily serving seniors in the United States works collaboratively with doctors, pharmacists and other caring professionals to improve the health and well-being of its members. A wide variety of letters, with complex composition requirements, are critical to this effort. In addition to facing the challenge of document composition, the company also needed a user-friendly interface to enable easier selection of documents for processing in a secure environment that was SOX and HIPPA compliant.

To meet those challenges for the client, Macrosoft ACDS:

Deployed a dedicated team of international developers with US-based project management

  • Assumed responsibility for all development, production processing, and software support
  • Completed development and tested the solution
  • Converted the mainframe application running in the client’s environment to client server and implemented in the ACDS Web/Batch hosted environment
  • Developed a Web front-end for the client to do automatic pulls, auditing and approval processes, and Web reporting

Today, processing takes place in an ACDS hosted environment that is secure and meets SOX and HIPPA requirements. After processing, ACDS delivers print-ready HP Exstream Dialogue MDBs (Microsoft Access Database) to the client, who uploads them to their mainframe for print production. As a result of this project, the client:

  • Enjoys 100% accuracy in letter production
  • Saves significant software expenses as all development is completed with ACDS’ software licenses
  • Exerts greater control and realizes the benefits of real-time reporting and tracking through the Web interface