Capacity Overflow

Capacity Overflow Services

Macrosoft, Inc. supports all phases of Business Marketing Communications, Content Management, and integrated Document Composition and print solutions through our Advanced Composition Development Solutions (ACDS). We have proven expertise supporting all facets of high-volume print & mail processes and print-on-demand production processes.

All companies experience peaks and valleys of their business requirements, therefore most of the demand does not maintain an even flow. Be it year-end or other critical mission critical deadlines, Macrosoft has the established resources and facilities to handle your overflow capacity. Macrosoft’s expertise in intelligent document design & composition and print & mail processes on a variety of platforms, allows our team to quickly support your operations during peak demand.

Do you experience large spikes in demand that surpass your capabilities with some of these year-end requirements?

  • TAX Jobs:  1098, 1099R and DIV statements
  • Month-end and Year-end statements
  • Consolidated Statements

 How do we meet your peak demands?

  • Round the Clock Support With Cost-Effective Global Delivery Model
    • With over 150 technical staff in the U.S. and 200 more in development facilities off-shore, Macrosoft provides a global model that delivers services through a combination of off-shore, on-shore, and on-site resources
    • People-intensive and time-consuming creative work is handled by the off-shore team in a way that is transparent to the client
    • Around-the-clock development, shortening the time to project completion
  • Improve Productivity & turnaround time with priority in maintaining brand compliance
  • Automate Time-Consuming Tasks
  • Streamline Processes ensuring reduction in errors & miscommunication
  • Increase performance & optimize High-volume output
  • Periodic Performance review and improvement

What we can do?

  • Document Design and Creation
  • Data Integration
  • Content Management
  • Print on Demand solutions
  • Dynamic Document Services Auto creation from streaming data
  • Intelligent design of Transaction documents
  • Personalization and Selective Messaging Rule driven targeted messages
  • Selective Insertions in communications using Barcode control
  • Interactive electronic documents