Case studies

Bank PIN Mailers

This application ingests client data and a reference file and produces bank PIN mailers; due to the nature of the data, encryption/decryption processes are utilized. The Dialogue piece in this process is used to compose the PIN Mailers. Pin Mailers are printed on preprinted paper where positioning the data is very important. The personalized PIN documents are 9” x 10.75”, designed for cut-sheet black & white printing, in a Simplex mode with portrait orientation. This application is built using HP Exstream Software Version 6.1.021.

Daily Statements and Notices

“Daily Statements and Notices” is a command line application built for a medium sized Print and Mail company. “Daily Statements and Notices” is built to generate formatted outputs with instant solution for banking on two levels. It allows the user to bulk print daily statements and daily notices, as well as monthly statements. The two processes are handled separately by the application and their workflows are slightly different from each other. It is a one-click solution which runs the entire process automatically and generates output for “Audit” in PDF format and in a PostScript file printing. The output contains perfectly aligned letter formats ready for printing.

Employee Benefit Enrollment Booklets

This application uses Dialogue to generate the Employee Benet enrollment booklets. The booklets are created using a combination of pre-composed PDF documents with some pages (sections) being composed in Dialogue using variable data. Various complex business rules are applied as per the “Logic” document provided by the client to facilitate the placement of variable data on pages and for pulling the appropriate PDFs for the static sections. Inclusion and exclusion rules are applied to the pages. This application is built using Dialogue version 5.0.35.