Platform Conversion

Our ACDS specialists in platform migration and conversion have extensive experience in converting:

  • Mainframe to server (UNIX Wintel)
  • AS400 (mid-range) to server (UNIX¬† Wintel)
  • Server to mainframe

Our conversion services are designed to fit the objectives of our clients and to offer additional options for improvement during conversion:

  • With a lift & shift conversion we can rapidly move one platform to another so that it continues to run as it before the conversion, allowing the client to achieve fast cost reduction.
  • While doing a conversion we can also reverse engineer and reengineer legacy code to work with the latest technology, integrate applications with .NET technology, and add Web interfaces.
  • We can also upgrade software to HP Exstream /DOC1, or perform other software conversions, depending on the client needs.

Our proven approach to hardware conversion includes:

  • A standardized migration process in a collaborative development environment with the client
  • Proven and efficient project management capabilities
  • Proven and efficient quality assurance processes, preventing significant rework
  • Easily maintainable a manageable code, enabling client staff to maintain and upgrade the code without our further assistance
  • Minimum extra client investment, made possible by our Services Delivery Model and Engagement Models
  • A true one-to-one conversion, with no special requirements or changes in input data
  • Batch or interactive processing, depending on requirements