Dialogue Version Upgrades

Macrosoft, Inc., a leading service provider of Document Composition solutions, helps its clients to improve their customer experience. Macrosoft has effective strategic and streamlined processes to support critical business communications. Macrosoft has talented Document Composition Experts in its team which support transactional, marketing and many other types of correspondences.

Macrosoft has expertise in performing Version upgrades of HP Exstream Dialogue to equip its clients with enhanced features to meet their communication goals and continue to receive HP Exstream support. Many clients do not have the resources or time to devote to this very important process. Find out how Macrosoft can keep your application versions up to date.

Why Should I move away from my current version?

  • Support and maintenance of HP Exstream Design and Production version 6, and any related software components, reached end-of-life on February 29, 2012
  • Support and maintenance of HP Exstream Design and Production version 5.0, and any related software components, reached their end-of-life on February 28, 2011
  • Support for versions 4.0 and older has already expired
  • HP Exstream 8.0 contains more than 250 enhancements

Why should I upgrade to newer Version

  • Unified User Interface
  • Electronic Signature Integration Module
  • Improved License Support
  • Microsoft Word (DOCX) Output
  • Microsoft Word (DOCX) Import at Run Time
  • Support for Multiple Queue Configurations

HP Exstream V8 Enhancements

  • User Experience
    Electronic Signature Integration, Module improved Integration with Screen, Improved License Support and Unified user Interface.
  • Enhancement in Applications, Documents and Pages
    Chart Label Wrapping, DBCS Hyphenation Support, Improved Object Creation Process, Increased Number of Barcodes for Inserter Objects, Simplified Barcode Creation and Preview, Support for Automatically Adding Copies of Documents for Additional Recipients or Destinations, Support for Frames on Page Templates, Support for Spot Colors in HP Exstream, Translation View
  • Application Query Service
    Expanded AQS Manifest
  • Data Files
    Array Support in XML Output Files, Automap Delimited Data Files, Publish HP Exstream Schema for XML Input, UTF-8 Encoded Support for Web Service Files in SBCS, XML Hierarchy Support.
  • Output
    Improved AFP Copygroup Name Control, Improved Image and Color Quality Management, Microsoft Word (DOCX) Import at Run Time, Microsoft Word (DOCX) Output, North-South Multiple-Up Sorting, RTF Output Spelling Dictionary, Support for Customized Output Resolution, Support for Multiple Queue Configurations.
  • PDF Converter
    Right-to-Left Text Support for PDF Converter
  • System Administration
    Database Upgrade and Conversion, Data Direct ODBC Drivers for DB/2 on the Mainframe (z/OS), DBCS 4-byte Encoding Engine Support, DBCS Support for File Paths, File Names, and Passwords, Improved Fonts Packaging for DBCS Languages, Improved Management of User Information
  • Tables
    Enable Embedding Automated Tables, Precision Control for Cell Widths, Support for Widow and Orphan Rows in Serpentine Tables

Supported Operating Systems for the 8.0 Design Environment</>

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Supported Operating Systems for the 8.0 Production Environment

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • z/OS
  • UNIX

Supported Databases

  • DB2
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle

Known Issues when upgrading Dialogue Versions

  • Timing issues on rules
  • Font name changes
  • Message change in version 6.0 and above
  • The timing of output queue rules was changed in version 5
  • After Version 5.0, only 9 decimal places is supported on a float variable
  • Color may change shading on an output that uses “AFP OCA Black and White” or “AFP Black and WhiteÔÇØ
  • Any Report File with an I/O timing of “End of customer, Post-Sort” is converted to Post-Sort Reports with I/O timing of ÔÇ£At end of each customerÔÇØ
  • 3.5 would not consistently use the same font OI (Object Index) internally when the font had been used at different resolutions (and new metrics saved), so the change in 4.0 and above forces the use of the oldest internal version only
  • PDF pass-through positioning may change in Postscript output
  • The format function works differently in Version 6.0 and newer when used with a currency variable
  • Empty reports may be created if you are reporting on values that will not be available in the pre-sort run
  • There are many changes to the operation of bundling page counts and sheet counts between versions 4.0 and 6.0
  • Tables may not work correctly (Headers, Footers, etc.)
  • Messages or flowing content pushed further down a frame, or completely out of a frame