Hardware and Software Conversion Services

For businesses with high-volume print and mail needs and for printing companies, a number of trends have converged to make hardware and software conversion more urgent than ever:

  • Companies that have grown through multiple acquisitions need to consolidate operations to gain economies of scale in licensing and leverage deep expertise in select technologies rather than incurring the cost of running many technologies.
  • Cost reduction and lower total cost of ownership have become top priorities for printing companies and their customers.
  • Customers have become more demanding, expecting greater accuracy and speed, as well as cost-effectiveness.

Macrosoft ACDS provides hardware and software conversion services designed to fit the objectives of our clients and to offer additional options for improvement during conversion:

  • With a ‘lift & shift’ conversion we can rapidly move one platform to another so that it continues to run as it did before the conversion, allowing the client to achieve fast cost reduction.
  • While doing a conversion we can also reverse engineer and reengineer legacy code to work with the latest technology, integrate applications with .NET technology, and add Web interfaces.
  • We can also upgrade software to HP Exstream, or perform other software conversions, depending on the client’s needs.

primarily serving seniors in the United States works collaboratively with doctors, pharmacists and other caring professionals to improve the health and well-being of its members. A wide variety of letters, with complex composition requirements, are critical to this effort. In addition to facing the challenge of document composition, the company also needed a user-friendly interface to enable easier selection of documents for processing in a secure environment that was SOX and HIPPA compliant.