Project Approach

A Proven Approach to Project Implementation

Honed over many projects with many business and printing company clients, our ACDS team’s approach to project implementation offers:

  • A proven, sure path to success every time
  • Rapid completion that saves time and money
  • Minimal disruption to the client’s ongoing business
  • A clear sight line to business benefits of the project

Our approach consists of five tightly linked phases:

Requirements: To build a shared vision of the project among all the key stakeholders, we create a broad description of the goals and constraints of the project, develop requirement specifications, and deliver a master project plan.

Design: During the design phase, we prepare the functional specifications and prototype and design the solution.

Development: During the development phase, the project team creates the solution – including creating and documenting the code that implements the solution and ensuring that the new code fits the design/infrastructure of the solution. We deliver, executable files, installation scripts and configuration settings, finalized functional specification, and test cases.

Testing/UAT: Macrosoft and the client perform integration, load, and stress testing on the solution. The team tests deployment scenarios and identifies, prioritizes, and resolves issues so that the solution can be prepared for release. The solution evolves from the state of all features being complete as defined in the functional specification for this version to the state of meeting the defined quality levels. The final release, with release notes, is then ready for deployment to the business.

Deployment: Macrosoft deploys the solution and site components, stabilizes the deployment, transfers the project to operations and support, and obtains final client approval of the delivery. After deployment, the team delivers a project completion report and conducts a project review and customer satisfaction survey.

Why Macrosoft?

Macrosoft has the software and tools to automate document comparisons, and the experience and expertise in all facets of regression testing. Our standardized processes and capabilities relieve you from the high costs of:

  • Purchasing and maintaining document comparison software
  • Printing vast reams of paper documents
  • Having your IT and/or QA department manually compare hard copies
  • Operating and Printer functions
  • Missing SLAs or incurring penalty costs for errors
  • Utilizing IT resources for QA functions

Macrosoft has engaged in a large number of successful regression testing support projects. Overall, we have successfully processed tens of thousands of PDF documents for numerous clients and provided the services to allow their teams to have the peace of mind that all changes were correctly administered.

The company has over a decade of successful engagements and over 180 professionals working for an exceptional client list. All of our major clients are our long-term partners; we have been privileged to have major corporations as our clients for periods extending past 10 years.

Macrosoft employs over 100 technical staff resources at its offices in New Jersey and at US client sites. In addition to its Headquarters in Parsippany, NJ, Macrosoft has fully owned development facilities in India and Pakistan with a current total of over 150 technical staff resources.

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