Regression Testing Services

Concerned about the costs for Regression Testing and the effects on your resources and time lines?

Macrosoft will handle all of your regression testing requirements particularly in providing automated comparisons of your old and new output documents which can save you huge amounts of time and money.  With our onshore/offshore model, Macrosoft provides automated testing services and teams that have the software, experience and expertise to fulfill your IT regression testing requirements with very cost-effective models.

Look at the advantages you have once you use Macrosoft’s solution

  • Improve your time to market
  • Reduce your testing time and improve testing accuracy
  • Lower IT resource costs
  • Completely accurate document comparisons
  • Ability to concentrate on your teamsÔÇÖ core competences
  • Remove IT and business bottlenecks in the time consuming regression testing tasks
  • Simplification of processes and workload environments
  • Reduction or elimination of vendor software dependencies

Think About Testing in a Whole New Way

Knowing that regression testing can consume 50% – 80% of your IT resources development efforts, many companies automatically assume that their IT staffs must be ramped up to handle this time consuming and one-time effort.   Macrosoft says think out of the box and think about your testing requirements in a whole new way.  With our onshore/offshore models and automated software, Macrosoft will handle your regression testing requirements and remove the burden and high costs of testing efforts from your plans without exhausting your IT resources.
Your highly paid IT resources will be free from the extensive testing process and will be able to concentrate on the tasks that they were hired for.  The regression testing efforts will severely impact your IT department and resources, and your business units without employing a cost effective alternative to the standard in-house approach. Macrosoft has the foresight, experience and capabilities to remove or significantly reduce the impact to your business and reduce this process from an ever-lasting critical status to a faster, smoother and less stressful experience.

Why invest in expensive software

With Macrosoft’s approach, the high costs of licensing software are no longer your concern and your IT resources are relieved of this pressure while your development efforts are performed in a structured and civilized manner.   Additionally, your business is not affected and you can concentrate on your core competencies.

Look at the advantages you have with a total or even a partial regression testing solution from Macrosoft:

  • Eliminate expending the huge time and efforts of your key people
  • Reduce software and maintenance costs
  • Less restrained by large capital expenses
  • All of the benefits of an FTE development department without the staffing headaches